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LOVE IN BLOOM    11/12/24

In this hilarious and steamy rom-com, a hardworking city woman unexpectedly inherits her grandparents’ farm that comes equipped with a handsome horticulturist.

After a flat tire leads to the roughest morning of Emmaline Walter’s life, she finally arrives to her estranged grandparents’ will reading—fifteen minutes late. And she quickly finds out that her day is far from over: She’s inherited a farm. And the Green Acres farm manager, Danesh Pednekar, is smoking hot with a deep voice that she feels in her belly—and other places that she probably shouldn’t.

Emma can’t even keep a goldfish alive, not to mention all the houseplants she’s massacred over the years. But when her big-city PR job goes bust, she has nothing to lose and might as well give the farm life a try. Over the course of her clumsy mistakes and learned lessons, she gets closer and closer to Dan. But when she comes across a locked door in the farm’s giant greenhouse, she soon discovers what she thought was a struggling farm is something else entirely—a thriving medical marijuana business. And to make matters worse, the entire town is in on the secret.

So when the farm—which many townsfolk lives depend on—is threatened by outside powers, Emma will need a plan and help. Can she get over that Dan was lying to her the whole time for their chance to save the farm . . . and the love growing between them?

cover illustration was created by Caitlin Sacks from @grandcentralpub_art

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