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Blind Date with a Book Boyfriend is free as a digital download with the purchase of any of my signed paperback books from The Ripped Bodice. 

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Hi, I’m Jordyn. I flew from New York to Culver City, CA to interview for the job of a lifetime.


When I walked into The Bookstore, I only wanted a steamy romance or two to help pass the time before my big meeting.


I walked out with a gorgeous and sweet, cinnamon roll who was more funny and charming than all of my favorite book boyfriends combined, which definitely wasn’t the plan.


But Mike was irresistible, and the time we spent together exploring Culver City was more fun than I’ve had in a long time.


But I’m smart enough to know if something feels to good too be true, it probably is.


I mean, Happily Ever Afters are just for fairy tales and romance novels … right?

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