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Melted by Lucy Eden Book Cover

At twenty-eight, Trevor Edwards had thought he’d conquered the world. He had massive success in the art & corporate worlds, a happy marriage, and two gorgeous children. Then illness took his wife, and in her, he lost the mother of his children, his business partner, and his best friend. He’s spent the next five years drifting through life, unknowingly searching for someone to fill the hole in his heart.


Gaia Wesley was struggling art student. She’s always held hope in her heart for a love that she wasn’t sure exists, but a job interview with a reclusive widower can change everything.


Get wrapped up in this syrupy sweet, hot and steamy roller coaster ride of true love & second chances.


This stand-alone novella has an obsessed alpha, love at first sight, safe, no cheating with a guaranteed happily ever after. 


Please enjoy in a cozy corner of your favorite art museum.

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