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“He wanted a wife.

She wanted to fit into her wedding dress.”

Eighteen months ago, Jordyn Robbins was single, unemployed and living with her parents in New York City.

Today, she’s happily living in California, seven months pregnant, working long hours at her dream job, planning a giant fairy tale wedding and frankly overwhelmed.


Eighteen months ago, Mike Grayson was single, a workaholic and living alone in a giant mansion in Culver City.

Today, he’s happily living in a small four bedroom house with his very pregnant fiancée, watching her work long hours, plan a giant fairy tale wedding all while refusing to ask for help and frankly he’s worried.

When a dress fitting gone wrong brings Jordyn to her breaking point, can her real life book boyfriend, Mike come to her rescue and give her the HEA of her dreams?

Vegas, Baby! is a bonus epilogue of Blind Date with Book Boyfriend which originally appeared in the paperback edition. It can be read as a stand-alone, but is better enjoyed after reading Blind Date with a Book Boyfriend & 35 Years: A Blind Date with a Book Boyfriend Short Story.

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