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An Angel for Daddy by Lucy Eden
ISBN: 978-1-7342550-4-1
5" x 8" 174pp 0.396 lb
December 7th 2021

(ships the first week of December 2021)
$ 10.99



Spencer & Ruby have plenty of reasons to stay apart, but can a little divine intervention & an assist from a pint-sized cupid teach them a lesson that will last a lifetime?


Ruby Hayes is intelligent, beautiful, great at her job, and loves her students. 


She's not too fond of me because despite moving to this small coastal California town only a month ago, I've managed to get on her bad side by consistently arriving late to pick up my daughter, Nina. It's probably for the best. Between my job & adjusting to raising a little girl by myself, adding romance to the equation isn't something I have time for. 


Spencer Jones is successful, handsome, a doting father, and terrible at reading a clock. 


His daughter, Nina also happens to be my favorite student. Getting involved with the parent of a student is a bad idea, no matter how witty & charming they might be. It's probably for the best. Between my job, taking care of my dad & climbing out of debt, a new relationship is the last thing I need. 


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An Angel for Daddy - Signed Paperback

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