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Aurora Douglas is the beauty to Luis Pine’s (actual) beast.

He’s a pain in her ass, but he’s also her last chance at becoming an executive.
The only one to see her potential as more than a glorified answering machine.

She’s infuriating, but she is also the most competent assistant he’s ever had.
The only one to last more than a few weeks and match his infamous temper with a fire of her own.

She’s also his fated mate but doesn’t know it.
He knows it but doesn’t want to believe it.

This novella can be read as a standalone but takes place in the same universe as Bear with Me. Rory and Lou’s love story is a Beauty & the Beast retelling chock-full of Enemies to Lovers, Office Romance, Forbidden Romance & Sexy Alpha Shifters and is safe with NO cheating

For Content Warnings (with spoilers) for all my books, please visit:

The Wolf of Wall Street - Signed Paperback

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